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National Engineering College Building

Shitalnagar,10 Banke

Pre-diploma civil (TSLC 18 months) Surveying Practical

2078/079 Batch

Foundation Layout

Pre-Diploma Practical

Pre-diploma Civil Construction Material Lab

Preparation of Cement cube

Suveying Practical

Vertical angle measurement

Our Facilities

                  Career opportunities for Civil Engineering Graduate.
  • Civil Engineer as Planner
  • Civil Engineer as Construction Project Manager
  • Civil Engineer as Site Supervisor
  • Civil Engineer as Designer
  • Civil Engineer as Decision Maker
  • Civil Engineer as Quantity Surveyor


                 Career Opportunities for BEIT Graduate

  • IT Engineer as Software Developer.
  • IT Engineer as Web Developer.
  • IT Engineer as Web Designer.
  • IT Engineer as Graphic Designer.
  • IT Engineer as Data Basic Administrators.
  • IT Engineer as System Analyst.



The BE & BEIT students are require to undertake an internship program approved by the program coordinator. Students are supervised by the faculty members. To promote opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in real life situation the students must submit the internship report to the host institute and the University.

Presentation on the institute is compulsory for each and every student.



             Extra Curricular Activities

COEM believes in the multifaceted development of its students. Along the academic excellence it seeks to achieve the physical and mental development to make them lively, dynamic, vibrant, competent, and confident in the competitive era of 21st century. For this college frequency organizes extracurricular and sports activities, with the strong belief academic performance and the personality development enhances to make the successful and responsible citizen of the country. COEM thus is the place to enhance both academic and sportsmanship.


Library and Research: The college library has a wide collection of basic course books and references books, bulletins, magazines, manuals, national and international journals and periodicals with daily and weekly newspapers.

Computer lab: COEM has cozy computer lab with latest modern high tech computers with internal faculty with Wi-Fi so the students can room the world with one click.

Canteen: There is a good canteen within the college premises which provides healthy and hygienic foods, snacks and cold drink at an affordable price.

Scholarship: Different scholarships are provided as per the recommendation of PU. Similarly the college can provide different scholarship to deserving students.

Counseling: COEM offers individuals counseling program for student and the guardians national/ international studies, job placement and career development.


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